Sector Security & Resiliency Program

The InfraGard Sector Security and Resiliency Program (formerly known as the Sector Chief Program) was created to aid in the protection of the nation’s critical infrastructure by establishing a network of members with sector-specific expertise to facilitate timely information sharing between the FBI and the private sector. This exchange of information enhances the ability of the FBI and partnering federal agencies to address threats to the sixteen recognized sectors of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Arvin Verma - Sector Security & Resiliency Program Coordinator

Chicago IMA Chapter Sector Chiefs:

SectorFinancial ServicesKevinNovakSector Chief
SectorFinancial ServicesPaulNarangDeputy Sector Chief
SectorChemicalJohnKellerhalsSector Chief
SectorCommercial FacilitiesMichaelLevinsonSector Chief
SectorCommunicationsJohnFanningSector Chief
SectorCritical ManufacturingChrisLebeauSector Chief
SectorCritical ManufacturingJohnGatesDeputy Sector Chief
SectorDefense Industrial BaseChristosLinardakisSector Chief
SectorEMSMichaelFagelSector Chief
SectorEMSDanielSproulDeputy Sector Chief
SectorEnergyThomasBryneSector Chief
SectorEnergyTomElwardDeputy Sector Chief
SectorFood & AgricultureMichaelFagelSector Chief
SectorGovernment FacilitiesCoffingBruceSector Chief
SectorHealthcare and Public HealthTerryDonatSector Chief
SectorInformation TechnologyMikeSchorrSector Chief
SectorInformation TechnologyMikeHartyDeputy Sector Chief
SectorNuclear Reactors. Materials, & WasteTomElwardSector Chief
SectorNuclear Reactors. Materials, & WasteThomasBryneDeputy Sector Chief
SectorTransportationRaymondHallSector Chief
SectorWater & WastewaterJensenDonSector Chief
SIGAcademia/EducationCraigYoungbergSIG Coordinator
SIGLegalAndyJurczykSIG Coordinator

If you are interested in applying to serve as a Sector Chief, please reach out to the InfraGard Chicago Sector Chief Coordinator, at [email protected]. All candidates are vetted by the current serving sector chief’s and appointed by the board of directors.