Chicago Infragard Members –

 Our next election cycle will be held during the Q4 Meeting.  Balloting like last time will be online, via the secure portal.  Reference Chapter Bylaws for further information on election process, positions and roles, and expectations for members of the board –  https://chicagoinfragard.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/InfraGard_Bylaws-2021.pdf


·         PRESIDENT (Partial Term of 1 Year) – The President’s position will be open for election, as our current president Constantine J. Koulis will be required to step down due to scheduled term limits. 


·         AT LARGE BOARD MEMBER (Full Three-Year Term) – Currently Michele Piazza


·         AT LARGE BOARD MEMBER (Contingent Election – Term is minimally 1 Year) – In the event a current board member runs and wins presidency, new term contingent on duration current term.


The following members have expressed interest in running for our open positions:

IF INTERESTED IN RUNNING – If you have interest in serving on the ICMA Board for a three-year term, and are a current Chicago Infragard member please:

1.      email confirmation of interest to elections@chicagoinfragard.org  

2.      Provide biography and headshot photo

3.      Submit no later than 11/1/23


We will have all nominees posted as they are received on the ICMA website for review prior to 4Q2023 elections. Election voting will be open for at least 24 hours at and before the 4th quarter meeting.  Voting will be conducted via the secure portal (infragard.org).


If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to drop a line to the election team at: elections@chicagoinfragard.org